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Thursday, May 31, 2012

that's the song.

ever heard of love at the first sight? it did happen to me because i fell for him before i met him.heheh. so,automatically i loved him more after i met him.but this is a story for long time ago.not now..i am a single lady. yes i do have crush.and i think he knows about it. insyaAllah.if Allah wills, he will be mine hereafter :) it's not time to chase after him but to rebuild myself to be a good women.


listening to this song keep remembering me about him.the one that used to be my good morning and good night.the one that cherished me up and always be there either i am happy or sad.always pretend being okey when i scolded him and always forgave me for being jerk i should say.

i gave this song to him to listen because i actually want him to sing it to me.but he never understand..but it's okey because everytime we got into problems,he will give me this song. and make me sure that he will be there,no matter how terrible the situation are.eventhough our relationship is over now, i think he is one of the best man i ever had..royal and kind.thats what i think you are dude :)

actually his birthday fall on this month,so,i post this song again especially for you friend :)

p/s: life goes on,i love you.