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Saturday, February 19, 2011

nasihat ms umi...

time: 11-12 pm
place: T112 
class: english!

okeyy,this week only full with da project presentation..
eventhough my group have done our presentation,,i still remember what she said about us.
"this group is better than the first one(tht is my group),all have been scripted and u guys just memorize it."
tht makes the difference.kami sangat2 terase!!we didn't scripted our point..:(
hmm,mybe she didn't realize it..we juz keep quiet n listen!
like the children always listen to their parent advices..

but then,she told something that make me so touched!
n think what she said is true..
"maybe i teach you more than u should learn..maybe u don't want it"
then,i answer in my heart.."no ms,u are right..u have teach us more than u should do.if u can give us more..why don't we just accept it.its knowledge right?..maybe we don't know how to appreciate others  kindness"
ms,i'm sorry for all the mistakes..and thanks for all the advices..:)

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