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Monday, August 19, 2013

UTM cool bloggers.

hello UTM community. have you register as UTM blogger community?
check this out for more info --> i love UTM  or register here and you will be listed as a certified UTM blogger.
show the world how much you love UTM :)

 just grab the badge as shown in i love UTM page and put in your blog. follow by fill up registration form and you will  receive 1 star badge code to be put into your blog.This badge is rewarded to you as a certified UTM blogger. Please read the rules and regulations before you register. as a reminder, Put I Love UTM badge on sidebar / header / footer only . and a BIG warning, no altering code allow even if you feel the badge is too big or whatever.

as you can see at my sidebar, i have received my 1 star badge as certified UTM blogger. and you also will be given the 'star rating badge' based on your blog performance.

more badges~~
and more more rewards such as:
  1. UTM blogspot will follow and promote students/blogger blog
  2. Announced your blog to UTM facebook
  3. Give “Star Rating Badge” based on blogger performance
  4. Photoshoot session for top 10 active students/blogger [outdoor (around UTM campus) or indoor (studio) photoshoot]
  5. will receive printed certificate with UTM Vice Chancellor’s signature when achieved 5 star badge.
 so, what are you waiting for? lets join us and establish UTM blogger communities. 

ouh, a big thanks to sis IQ for introduce this community to me :)

footnote: more blogs to be discovered soon !