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Saturday, August 10, 2013

gathering,iftar & happy eid!

iftar? ahah,old story people. keep reading if you want to :) alhamdulillah, at the end of ramadhan, i managed to gather with my friends for iftar. itupun havoc dekat whatsapp buat plan =.=' problem did came up bila main serbu je mana-mana tempat makan bila dah dekat buka. we didnt get seats for iftar. but they still insisted to ate at NANDO'S as we planned before. so, we waited after 8pm. itupun sampai pening waiter setting tempat utk kami >.<

happy faces when stomach already full :D

memories.instant pictures by me
 ouhh,we also went to watch movie. THE CONJURING.

 tengok paling depan.bagus budak-budak nie =.=' nasib baik takde mimpi cam orang tu.huu
i dont want to review about this movie nor comment. watch by yourself okey!

gather with my best buddies always be an exciting moment.things that we do and share back then, will always remained as memories.insyaAllah. :)

by the way, i think it's not too late to wish you guys HAPPY EID ! forgive my wrongdoing throughout this years. may Allah bless upon us.ameen

footnote : i owe a post about my summer school isn't it? will try to update it soon ! xoxo