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Monday, May 27, 2013

gunung chabang 3.


this is an entry i wrote for past few days.malas edit.lalala~

oh my,lama sangat tinggal blog kan.since my broadband got terminated for past 2 months,i am so lazy to write anything.yelah,my room bukan ade wifi.even nak complete assignments and online pun dah malas.and honestly, i am too busy with all the works,events,tests,quizzes and final exam just around the corner.

back to main topic, i went to gunung chabang 3,labis,segamat,johor last weekend. at first, i doubted if i should go there as i got tonnes of work to be done before study week start. but i ended up choosing to join the trip. maybe i just to eager to has been a long time since my last hiking, i think,'why don't this trip be the last one for this sem?alahhh,dua hari je pun' :)

baru sampai kat masjid labis.around 1am .prepare nasi untuk sarapan pagi esok.
the next morning.memasing muka lapar.
the girls.
tapi betullah orang kata.jangan underestimate gunung rendah. even this mount only 3244 ft, the track wasn't easy. at the beginning, i think it's quiet okay because the track going slightly up and down.after having our lunch,we started our journey again.we arrived at campsite a bit late,so, we hurried  to climb the peak. kusangka panas hingga ke petang,rupanya hujan di tengahari.(betul tak ni?) start from the last waterpoint, the track getting steeper and steeper. i was grateful because we left our bags behind.if not, i don't think i can reached the peak before sunset. but alhamdulillah, thanks to all supporters(sweeper) who accompanied me to the peak,we managed to reach the peak after 3 hours.fuhh.terharu okay :') mental memang mental tapi mental lagi masa turun sebab tak sampai-sampai.huu..i think i've reached my maximun heartbeats masa tu. T.T

kat puncak :')
walaupun masih terasa sengal kat kaki ni, aku rasa aku enjoy trip kali ni. dengan line up yg best and giler semuanya. i know that was pertama kali kami hiking sama-sama. tapi aku rasa lebih selesa sebab semua sporting and support each other. InsyaAllah nanti kita repeat lagi,HAHA

don't know what happen to my blog.i can't upload the, for more pictures,boleh tekan SINI. kalau tak dapat tengok tu,maybe kena friend dengan tuan fesbuk dulu. :)

sekian,maaf ayat tunggang-langgang dan bercampur baur.

p/s: bila fikir balik,masih rasa rugi tak terus naik puncak gunung besar.tapi apakan daya.everything happen for some reason. tapi nak repeat lagi rasa tak sanggup.huu~

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