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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

big bad wolf books | johor

i got chemical engineering computation test today. people must think,what the heck a test being held on study week. but, what can i do. i not really do well in that test, if i get bad result,i think i deserve's me who didn't make any revision.luahan perasaan betol !

BIG BAD WOLF BOOKS. ever heard of it? frankly,i only know about it from my roommate after she told me. i can't get any imagination how it looks like but i think it is like a clearance sale. before, it was held at KL,so i didn't get any chance to drop by because it's too far away. but here the good news, big bad wolf is here ! yes,here,johor :) check this out guys..

only 6 days left. go grab this opportunity guys. i went there after i finished my test. know what? most novels and children books cost RM8. for non-fiction, most of it cost RM10-RM20 only. are you out of your mind?? english novels for RM8? i bought 6 novels which cost me RM48. oh yes, i used my last Baucer Buku 1 Malaysia (BB1M) :) i think the cashier added up two bookmarks which cost me another RM2. the total is RM50. just least i didn't waste my RM2. heh >.<
nie lah stok cuti nanti :D
  •  Remembering the Bones by Frances Itani
  • The Traitor Game by B.R.Collins
  • Love Junkie by Rachel Resnick
  • The Poisoned House by Micheal Ford
  • The Aztec Code by Stephen Cole
  • Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn

 i also bought 3 buttons after being influenced by my Mr.Driver. LOL. saje nak menambah koleksi katanya =.=' he didn't buy any book but sibuk beli buttons.apelah.

buttons and bookmarks.
so,ape lagi? go take a look while you have time guys. don't miss this opportunity. :) till then.

footnote : lets start our study week ! goodluck :)


  1. Alaaaa, aku lupa kau kat johor.. kalau tak nak kirim buku

    1. kirim buku ape weyh?mmg giler laa kalau nak suruh cari..

  2. kat mana weyh? adehh.. baru bace entry kau lepas aku dah sampai shah alam.. aku pergi jb isnin lepas

  3. Book marks are free for all customers