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Saturday, November 10, 2012

UWS camera | AI

welcoming my newborn baby  UWS camera | AI.

say hi everybody !

Ultra Wide & Slim(UWS) is a small, light, cheap and high-performance camera which is loved by toy camera fans. UWS is 100mm wide, 58mm high, and 26mm deep, and it only weighs 75 g. High performance 22mm wide-angle lens which produce marvelous results with  any kind of 35mm film, both monochrome and color films.

The lens in this camera produces vivid color and strong contrast. That can give you very interesting shots. Photos with vignetted edges and the instantly recognisable lens flare give it a distinct low-fi and unique feel. This camera, in combination with gorgeous color films, can lovely record our everyday life. So, it’s just the perfect camera to have fun with, at a very low price, and for always surprising results! - copypaste

 footnote : bila nak try camera tak beli lagi =.=' 


  1. Bestnya weh! Aku ni xde camera lagi

  2. kau cari digital je..aku minat film camera takpe.