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anda SEMUA:)

Saturday, March 26, 2011



and i think..

i might love u more than
spongebob loves jellyfishing,
sandy loves karate,
mr.krabs loves money,
and squidward loves his clarinet.
seriously dear,
i need u like planton needs the krabby patty secret formula..:)

ai'ai captain!!! :p

ohh please,be my SECRET okeyy.
don't run away.
i want someone who will love me unconditionally
for all my mistakes and 
all my goodness...
someone who will take me
as i am

 i feel bad when i think that i missing u eventhough u just sitting besides me.
and even feel worst when i think i will never have u dear.but everytime i see your smile,and know that it  is for me,i sure that u will always be with me..

jejaktapak: as the time went away,i know i need u now.i just need to know yourself deeper n better.n i will tell u my decision.please wait okeyy..
ohh,one more thing!do keep calling me that way.(just hope u understand b'coz i do love it).hee. :)


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